A sustainable culinary workshop inspired by world flavours

A sustainable culinary workshop inspired by world flavours

A sustainable culinary workshop inspired by world flavours

Looking for a teambuilding experience? Cooking classes prove such a lovely way to bring everyone together. This experience goes a little further: it combines preparing healthy food, learning about sustainability, indulging in delicious dishes and supporting local communities. The perfect recipe!

Meet small producers

Our partner’s kitchen being close to Bermondsey, the day begins with a visit to Borough Market.
The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is, after all, shopping locally… Passionate producers and artisans will help you rediscover the simple pleasure of choosing fresh, seasonal ingredients, bursting with flavours. And make your mouth water.

Make teamwork fun

A cooking workshop are so much more than following a chef’s instructions. Think (friendly) competition! Groups can be divided in teams, tasked with a list of products to source in Borough Market, all within a specific budget… Or given a mystery basket of ingredients, some recipe cards (or not) and a time limit to cook.

Add extra energy to your day

The good news? No flavour enhancers, preservatives nor artificial colorants here. Just pure natural goodness, since good food = a better you. More energy, more focus, more inspiration! A nutritionist can come along, should you want to cover specific themes. Or a chef from Ottolenghi for a wow effect.

Add a new skill to your portfolio

While this experience is plant-based, it can combine several workshops: zero waste philosophy, fermented drinks/vegetables, natural baking, spices… even traditions from migrant women! All options conclude on starters, mains and desserts cooked with the help of a professional chef. And a shared feast, of course.

Go the extra mile

A cooking workshop usually takes half a day. How about making the afternoon quite special? We could ask sustainable entrepreneurs to come and share their adventure. Or arrange for the group to work with a charity targeting food poverty: helping them collect food from local businesses that would otherwise go to waste, joining a community kitchen. What a feel-good effect!

The result? Your team will feel refuelled, recharged and refocused. 

Get in touch: we have countless options to tailor this day to your needs. And a full range of eco-friendly ideas should you wish to make your corporate evets greener.

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