Our mission

Communication is the key to the success of every event’s organisation

At only 2 hours from Paris, why not distinguish your partners, clients or co-workers by immersing them in an original event?  Discover a vibrant city with many cultures, ranging from the avant-garde to the more traditional.

Although London is an expensive city and the prices can sometimes be very high, we have the resources to offer you competitive prices and we will be able to adapt to your budget. Note that you can also save money on the Eurostar if you make sure you book it well in advance.

As far as possible, we want to create a relationship that adapts to your needs and issues. Excellent communication and the monitoring of it are at the forefront of our organisation’s values.

Establishing contact with a company representative

Send us your request by email or over the phone so that we can answer your request in the most efficient way possible. We ask that you give us as much information as possible, that is to say the following: your brief, the dates of your stay, the number of days and people, your budget and your expectations.

Each of our clients will be offered a company representative who will be easy to contact, will analyse your request fully and will get back to you between 48 and 72 hours after your request has been sent.

You will benefit from an exquisitely bespoke stay that will fall in perfect harmony with your group’s profile.

Contact us from now to discuss your project

A bespoke, flexible and adaptive organisation

London Incognito is available to assist you and remains at your entire disposal during the process and the creation of your bespoke programme. We know how to adapt ourselves and are very flexible when it comes to changes/modifications and additions that you wish to bring to the proposal. We will send you a new version of the proposal and an up to date budget each time there is any major change.

After some discussion and the final validation of the programme, London Incognito is meticulous at organising events. It is during this period that we will get back to you in order to get the very last details (list of the participants, times of arrival and departure, flights/trains numbers, special diets and requirements, menus, signage etc…)

Day 1

From their arrival until their departure, your guests will be entirely taken care of by our teams who will manage all of the logistics from A to Z. One/ some tour leaders will take care of the group from the beginning until the end of the service.

He/they will make sure the day and the sequence of activities, visits etc. run smoothly, making connections with the different suppliers in order to assure a perfect coordination.

They already trusted us