Team Building

Get excited and team build

Do you want to bring your team together, create an original and unifying event and motivate your co-workers to help them achieve their potential? London Incognito offers you two types of team building: both competitive and collaborative.

These are both imperative elements when reaching for a common objective. We look for the best activities that will help secure the values of cohesion, helping one another, selflessness and conviviality. 

We organise bespoke events that will fuel both your enthusiasm and your humour. Having a competitive mind will allow your co-workers to succeed in reaching your objectives. Through these events, you will discover the capital.

Let us strengthen the links between your co-workers through challenges, conviviality, creativity, team spirit and sharing

London Incognito, aiming towards a new perspective

Competitive team building: challenge the opposite team!

Are you looking to strengthen your team’s cohesion and boost the competitive spirit of your employees? Do you want to motivate and bring your team together towards a common objective? Thanks to our team building activities, you can bring your team members together though various themes: art, sport or just plain fun. All of the activities will be catered to your needs, while allowing your team to discover London at the same time

Black cab rallye: discover the city differently and in teams! Different themes are available.
Introduction to graffiti and street art: you will have to leave room for creativity and surprise the opposite team.
Pub olympiads: 
compete in some well-known English pub games.
Introduction to rowingcombine technique, strength and precision together.


Note that some of these team building activities can also be done in a collaborative way if you don’t want a competition.

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Collaborative team building, a collective art piece!

This group activity will allow participants to not only be creative, have a good time, escape a few hours, introduce themselves to new techniques, explore new talents but also create a collective art piece. Leave us the task of organising an event that your team will never forget!

Record a song in a music studio, create an ice sculpture, make a movie, try an introduction to graffiti, climb a London building or set up a musical show. These are just a few examples of how team members can work together, creating and increasing positive dynamics, while having a good time and sharing a moment that they will all enjoy. Efficiency assured!

Climb the O2become an explorer and discover a new side of London.
Create a musical show: combine dance, theatre and singing in order to create a common show.
Culinary team buildingthese allow everyone to join in and to practise cooking in a friendly atmosphere.
The recording of a song in a music studio : prove that music is a universal language…

Note that some of these team building activities can also be done in a competitive way if you don’t want collaboration.

A typical team building day with London Incognito


Transfer from airport/train station


Check-in at your hotel


Cross the Thames by speed boat


Climb the O2 & typical English lunch


Flight and introduction to rowing


Dinner and bespoke evening